mercoledì 10 novembre 2010

Favole al telefono - Fairytales on the phone

I wanna share some "posters" I've created.
I was inspired by one of my favourite children's book: Favole al telefono by Gianni Rodari.
The title is literally "Fairytales on the phone". The book is about a man who's often away from home because of his job. He can talk to his little daughter only few minutes in the evening and only on the phone. So he uses this little time to tell her short strange stories.

This is the first one I decided to "illustrate".

This tale is about a palace completely made of ice-cream. Everybody in the town runs there to eat all the ice - cream they can. There's an old woman who desperately wants a armchair. The happy ending is that nobody has stomach ache, because the mayor of the city decided so!

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